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Town of Russell Responsible Burn Guidelines

The Town of Russell Board does not want to pass a Burn Ordnance which would restrict all town residents.  The Town of Russell Board is asking that you follow the guidelines listed below:

  • » State Law states that only wood products can be burned.  Please recycle your plastic.
  • » Notify your local fire department, constable, and County Sherriff Dispatcher
  • » Do not leave the burn unattended
  • » Have a water source and tools handy in case they are needed
  • » Be mindful of the weather forecast, especially wind
  • » Be mindful of your neighbors and surrounding area
  • » Make sure the burn is completely out before leaving
  • » Return and check later for any remaining smoke or embers
  • Town of Russell Board will work with  the Sherriff Department, DNR, and Fire Departments in prosecuting people with uncontrolled, unattended burns.


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